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      This year's tornado season gets an early start

      With all of the severe weather on Friday, viewers wanted to know what the forecast predictions are for tornado season this year; it TMs Friday's Facebook Story of the Day.

      Scientists say they cannot make predictions on tornadoes because they TMre hard to pinpoint in the first place. FOX 31 Meteorologist Mike Morrison gave his best guesstimate as to what Southwest Georgia can expect.

      "Well we really don't use a tornado season outlook, but if this year is anything like last year it's going to be a doozy. We did get started a little bit earlier this year with tornadoes in February; most of the times you'll start in March then it increases with the next couple of months. But definitely could be an active year," says Morrison.

      Morrison says while meteorologists can predict hurricanes, tornadoes are more difficult because there is a smaller grid of data they can collect about them. He also says you have a longer time period to study the hurricane whereas a tornado comes and goes very quickly.