Think before you cook

Before you cook, the Albany Fire Department is urging to pay close attention.

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Before you cook, the Albany Fire Department is urging you to pay close attention.

The department says this year alone, they've had 124 structure fires, and of those 56 were kitchen fires.

The good news is that's down from last year when the number of kitchen fires totaled at 64.

Assistant Fire Chief Burns says the majority of the fires are from the elderly and young children.

Burns adds, "We need to create a kid free zone when we're cooking and make sure they stay out of the kitchen area we need to use the back burners as much as possible but if we must use all four of the burners, turn the pots handle to the inside, meaning that if a kid comes by they won't knock it over."

The Albany Fire Department offers fire safety courses and if you're interested, contact them for more information.

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