Thieves steal rose bushes from church again

The landscaping of the church is a little bare after rose bushes have gone missing / Sarah Bleau

Someone didn't just stop to smell these roses; they stole them.

Just before a funeral, members of Greater Pines Chapel Missionary Baptist Church on South Jefferson Street noticed some empty spots in their landscaping. They say some of their double knockout roses were stolen.

"And I followed the dirt trail in front of that empty house and it stopped. I walked all the way to the other block but I didn't see any more dirt," says Jimmie Mathis, who helps with landscaping at the church as well as their Sunday School. "They just took a shovel and picking them up."

Mathis says when somebody takes something from the church, they are not just taking from the church but from the Lord.

"It's an awful thing for somebody to steal from the Lord's house," says Deacon Ricardo Sisney.

Sisney says he believes thieves are selling the church's double knock out roses to nearby residents.

"The time and the way it is, we don't know what reason they do it. It might have been because they want to eat, they wanted to buy drugs, we don't' know," says Mathis.

The church did file a police report for the $200 worth of rose bushes that were stolen, and this is not the first time they have. It was just a few months ago that more of the church's double knockout roses were stolen.

"We're just trying to prevent anything like this from happening not just to this church but to any other church around," says Sisney.

Until the thieves are caught, church members say they're praying for them.

Sisney says he hopes anyone who knows who may be stealing their roses or people who bought the roses not knowing that they were stolen contact local police or the church.

He says there is a camera that looks over their parking lot, but thieves are dodging it. Sisney says he plans to put up more cameras around his church.

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