Thieves lop off locks to steal landscaping equipment

Two men are unknowingly caught on camera stealing landscaping equipment in broad daylight

/ Fox 31


The Lee County Sheriff's Office arrested a man involved in stealing $2,500 worth of landscaping equipment two weeks ago.

Officials say Trenton Chase Fincher was identified and placed under arrest for the theft but has since been released on bond.

Fincher and another not-yet-identified man pulled up to the back yard of Plymel Landscaping and stole the equipment in broad daylight on May 26th.

Officials used surveillance video installed by the landscaping company to identify Fincher and are working to name the second man pictured.



Amanda Plymel of Plymel Landscaping can name a laundry list of things that were taken from her Saturday afternoon.

"They took weed-eaters, edgers, a chainsaw, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, all that, sprayers. They took everything."

Plymel was in Atlanta enjoying a Braves game while two men, a black male and a white male both with a slim build, crept through her backyard and took over $2,500 worth of equipment in broad daylight.

"I was pretty upset. I work hard for what I have for somebody to just take it from me. Just pull in my yard and take it from me in the day, in the middle of the day."

While Plymel believes the men were watching her to know the perfect time to plot their crime, they must have missed the $5,000 worth of security equipment installed on the side of her house that caught everything.

"I knew I had them on camera. It works 24/7 nighttime and daytime. It's infrared; you can see them at nighttime. So we know everything that happens."

Plymel handed the security footage, which shows a red pickup truck as the getaway car, over to Lee County Sheriff's Office who says they are now investigating the incident.

If you recognize the car or the men in the footage, contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 229-759-6012.