They've got mail at WCPS

You've got mail! At least at the Worth County Primary School they do. That's where second graders are taking over the post office.

"It's run completely by children. The mail is, most of the mail is written by children, its picked up and written by children so seven year olds are running the system," said Diane Shaw, Post Master General of the Wee Deliver mail program.

Wee Deliver is a mini version of the U.S. Postal System set up at the worth country primary school. In an age when kids are growing up with technology at their fingertips these students are getting a lesson in the importance of communicating.

"To teach children how important it is to communicate with words, writing is one of the best ways and we also know that if you're a writer, you're a reader. So if we can connect those two its really good for our children," said Shaw.

Each wee deliver mail team goes on a field trip to the Sylvester post office. As part of their training they get a behind the scenes tour to learn their mini post office is just like the real thing.

"On a very smaller scale they do a very good job and they duplicate us as accurately as they can," said Mike Forehand, Post Master of the City of Sylvester Post Office.

Eight teams of students participate in the Wee Deliver mail program. Just like the real post office they go through an interview process and move the mail through the hallways.

"It's fun to just go around the school and see halls that I had never been down before," said Carlyee Boozeman, a mail carrier following in the footsteps of her mom who is a mail carrier for the City of Sylvester.

As post offices and written letters are replaced with inboxes and emails, these students still learn the value of adding a stamp.

"Where I live we can't find a big blue mailbox that's usually out on the street so we can deliver them really well," said second grader Camden Bennett who is the Wee Deliver Post Master.