Theatre Albany wraps up Christmas season

Albany Theatre wraps up the Christmas season Sunday with a matinee performance. / Matt Prichard

Theatre Albany wrapped up their performance of, "The Little Town of Christmas" this afternoon.

The play had been running for the last several weeks, and finished today with a Sunday matinee showing. President of the Board of Directors, Lauren Brock, says they were overjoyed by the turnout this year.

"We have been ecstatic about the turnout for this performance, we're halways through our 80th season. We've had two shows already, this is our third. And probably because it's about Christmas and everybody's excited about Christmas coming that we've had a really good turnout," said Brock.

Theatre Albany has three more shows coming up for the second half of their season and is already selling seats for the 2013-2014 season. You can purchase tickets, or season seats at their offices located at 514 Pine Avenue.