The truth behind chalk lines

When parking in downtown Albany, you may have noticed chalk lines on your tires. / Kerri Copello

When parking in downtown Albany, you may have noticed chalk lines on your tires.

Mrs. Mary Price - she drives a special car and walks car-to-car, chalk in hand. She is one of two parking enforcers the city of Albany has.

Captain Eddie Jones with the Albany Police Department tells FOX 31 that Price has been employed since 1977 and is the only female parking enforcer.

Her route is a three miles around the Good Life City extending from Pine Avenue to Washington and over to Jefferson.

Mrs. Mary Price takes her job very seriously but during her time with the Albany Police Department she has had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and has witnessed some crazy events.

Work for her is not all fun and games though; FOX 31 dug a little deeper to find out how much money is brought in to Albany from those parking fines.

Between January and September in 2013, 1,621 tickets have been written and $14,912 has been collected. Mrs. Mary issued 33% of the tickets that have been paid, totaling around $5,500.

FOX 31 spoke with Chief Judge Willie Weaver and he says that the tickets aren't "designed to put people in jail. What people need to understand is that we have a city ordinance in place in Albany for parking spaces and people should acknowledge that they are parked incorrectly and pay the fine up front withouth having to come to court."

Tickets range from $15-$35 for the one and two-hour parking areas.

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