The swine flu impacts vacations for some Georgians

Despite the outbreak of the swine flu, travel agent Dennis Fenton continues to stay busy most days.

"I've been booking, not booking Mexico, but they're booking destinations. The folks I have confirmed to Mexico of course are questioning everything that's going on. Folks scheduled now and between the middle part of May can rebook to alternate destinations, penalties are being waved and so on and so forth, but it's not like an individual that's booked in September or October can just cancel and alter it; penalties and policies for that time period are still in affect," said Fenton.

At the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, flights are departing and arriving as normal, but once inside, Airport Director Yvette Aehle says they're stepping up efforts to help prevent swine flu.

"Things that we've just done as a courtesy to passengers is to put up signs in the restrooms reminding people to wash their hands. We also use more bleach in cleaning restrooms and other public areas. They're free to bring sanitizer with them or bring masks or whatever but the airport is not supplying those," said Aehle.

The emerging pandemic has invaded 12 states including Georgia, and has caused one death. If you decide to fly this spring or summer, here are some tips to keep you safe from Dr. Craig Smith.

"There's nothing wrong with taking a mask, and the mask would be just to use if you felt like there was somebody around you coughing or something you couldn't get away from. If you can't wash your hands then the alcohol wipe with the alcohol gel, if you don't have any dirt on your hands than that'll pretty much kill the same amount of germs as the regular soap and water wash will," said Dr. Smith.