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      The split second that could cost you more than you know

      Think before you pick up the phone. That was the message Wednesday for some students at Georgia Southwestern State University.

      The school, Alcohol, Tobacco and multiple Drugs Taskforces, Middle Flint Behavioral Health Care and the Governor's Office of Highway Safety offered a distracted and drunken driving education program for students.

      Students got the chance to go through a two minute simulated driving course while texting on their phones to see how well they would drive while distracted.

      Alma Keita, Director of Counseling Services with GSSU brought the program to the school because she knows from personal experience what it's like to lose someone from in situations where people aren't paying attention to the road.

      He younger brother died in 1962 because he was hit by a drunk driver.

      "If you take your eyes off the road for one second, that's all it takes to take a life," says Keita.

      Simulator Instructor Patrick Sheehy a Team Leader with UNITE Arrive Alive Tour says, for every alcohol related accident there's four texting and driving accidents.

      He says, "what better way to prove a point than by a real life example."

      Sheeny adds that 80 percent of every accident on the road is due to some kind of distracted driving.

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