The song all Marines' salute

1st Sgt. Javier Duarte / Romney Smith

Marines say they don't exactly know who wrote it or where it came from, but in 1929 the Marines' Hymn became their official song.

1st Sgt. Javier Duarte says marines learn the song in boot camp. "Over extensive training and discipline given by the drill instructors, the marine recruits will always learn the marines hymn. All three stanza's, they will learn every single word verbatim, and they will talk and sing it at the same time" says Duarte.

Whenever the song is played marines, veterans, and retirees will face the nearest flag and stand at attention. Regardless if they're in uniform or civilian attire, Duarte says because the song is so special to them they take time to pay their respect when it's played. "We do it out of respect. It's a respect for all marines, past, present, and future marines" says Duarte.