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      The scent of sales for the holiday

      Flower shops say their sales increased on Valentine's Day this year compared to last year.Business manager of The Flower Basket, Tibbie Watson, says on Valentine's Day they have ten times more deliveries on than usual, but this year they saw an even bigger increase.Compared to an estimated $12,000 The Flower Basket made last year they brought in $15,000 this year with over 300 deliveries.Linn Terry with Albany Floral and Gift Shop Inc. says the shop brought in right around $15,000 as well, and made $13,000 last year.Terry adds they usually have two people running the store and on Valentine's Day they had seven. Additionally, The Flower Shop had four vans running that day to deliver over 200 orders.Both flower shops agree they probably saw an increase in sales because Valentine's Day landed on a Friday this year.

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