The Salvation Army serves more than 100 at Thanksgiving dinner

The Salvation Army officials say they serve more than 100 people at their Thanksgiving dinner every year

Every year the Salvation Army's Thanksgiving Dinner brings in more than 100 hungry mouths to feed. Tuesday night was no different.

The Salvation Army had a traditional Thanksgiving meal prepared for those needing food, complete with turkey, gravy and pumpkin pie. The organization says with every meal they never ask questions and never turn away anyone.

"The Salvation Army believes everybody should have the chance to experience Thanksgiving. They should have the chance to experiences having family and friends around a table, have a chance to share in fellowship with each other. It's a tradition we've had in this country for many years and we don't think it should be left out just because you don't have a home or you don't have a place to go," says Capt. Douglas McClure who works with The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army downtown has served 33,000 meals this year, which is up by 9,000 from last year. Daily the organization serves close to 90 meals.