The road to the Georgia Throwdown II has begun

Sam Shugart at a Rotary Club luncheon earlier this year promoting the Throwdown. / File

Organizer of the Georgia Throwdown, Sam Shugart updated the public on what to expect at the Georgia Throwdown II next year.

Shugart says his group has partnered with HUKA Entertainment to make the second concert even bigger and better.

Shugart and his associates will fly to Nashville sometime before Christmas to finalize the acts set to perform and sign their contracts.

Shugart says the worst case scenario is they'll announce the list by January 1st but he hopes to give everyone an early Christmas present.

The Georgia Throwdown II will be sometime in October and will showcase a circular type of multiple-stage area so people can easily move from one to the next.

Shugart says although they're pairing up with national companies to enhance the concert, the public doesn't need to worry about ticket prices raising.

Shugart plans to keep the prices in the same ballpark area and focus on the details -- like controlling the amount of similar food vendors.

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