The queen has her crown as homecoming weekend is finally here

Homecoming weekend is around the corner with the festivities kicking off Sunday. / Matt Prichard

The Albany State University Homecoming weekend kicked off tonight with the crowning of the queen.

The coronation committee crowned Miss Antoinette Skipper as the queen for this year's festivities, in front of a packed crowd at the Albany Municipal Auditorium.

Members of the committee say the weekend truly is something special for locals, and those coming from all over the United States.

"We have people travel from all over the country, to come here to Albany, Georgia to celebrate Albany State University, our queen, as well as our football team. It's just a way to show everyone the amazing things we have going on here," said Coronation Committee member, Aliyah Arnold.

And don't forget, this coming Saturday is the annual homecoming parade with master of ceremonies, Romney Smith on the microphone.