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      The power of the little black box

      All you Mediacom customers listen up!

      You only have a little over a month to install a digital converter to your television.

      If you don't, officials say you won't be able to watch television at all.

      Mediacom says time is quickly running out for analog customers to switch over to digital.

      Officials add that at this time only 60 percent of Mediacom analog subscribers in Albany have installed their boxes, meaning the remaining 40 percent better act fast.

      Larry David Jones with Mediacom says, "if you have cable that comes straight out of the wall or straight to the floor and goes straight to the tv with no terminal device then you must get some type of terminal device."

      Mediacom is providing up to three digital adapters to each subscriber in the Albany area, free of charge for the first year of service.

      Beginning in November 2014 customers will be receiving a monthly charge of either 99 cents for each SD adapter or $1.99 for each HD adapter.

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