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      The motivation to keep rebuilding

      Just two weeks shy of what was suppose to be one of the happiest days in Josh Haynes life, tragedy struck.

      Josh Haynes says, when you see your dream, something you're so close to and then it's all crumbled together from a tornado and that's just something you don't want to ever live again."

      Early Friday morning, an EF-0 tornado swirled right through his brand new building, leaving Haynes with a $46,000 price tag.

      "I woke up this morning and it's not like lets go ride by the new building and see our progress, it's ride by there and see when the demolition starts."

      The initial building process began about six months ago and up until Friday, everything but the roof was put in place.

      Josh Haynes says, "they were actually about to put the doors on yesterday, start on the ceiling, put the insolation in the roof."

      And with all the devastation, only a severe thunderstorm warning was issued, and not a tornado warning. Jeff Evans with the National Weather Service explains why.

      "Severe thunderstorms can produce really brief tornadoes. The radar itself doesn't see tornados, what we look for is circulation in the thunderstorms that would support a tornado, not all the time will the radar be able to pick up on that."

      Haynes tells FOX 31 News, the rebuilding process will began, Monday.