The MCLB's hope for the new year

The Marine Corps Logistics Base likes to emphasize service to country, corps, and community. In 2013 MCLB Commander Col. Don Davis says they plan to ramp up their involvement. He says getting involved in the community shouldn't be an item on a checklist, rather something a person feels compelled to do from a service mindset.

Since he's in charge of the base it's his job to motivate and educate the 4500 people connected to the base on various ways to give back. "When it comes to things in Southwest Georgia here in Albany, it's how can we better serve our community and be great stewards of the things that our country and creator have given us" says Davis.

The base plans to continue ongoing efforts such as working with elementary school students, participating in high school career days, hosting the Independence Day celebration, MCLB Mud Run, K-9 Warriors Race and planning for the battle color ceremony that will feature the silent drill team and Commandants' band. The MCLB also plans to expand previously base-only events like Unity Day to the public. "There are so many different ways to serve, not just in uniform in the Marine Corps or overseas, but every day with our fellow brothers and sisters who live and work and play outside the gate as well as those inside the gate" says Davis.

Even though the first month of the New Year is over; Col. Davis wants the base to help Southwest Georgia's dreams come true in 2013 by getting everyone to believe that they can make a difference, and we all do â" together.