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      The importance of watershed conservation

      A watershed is defined as the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off goes into the exact same place.

      Onlookers take note as Flint Riverkeeper, Gordon Rogers, talks about the importance of watershed conservation and how it affects the area.

      Gordon says it hits home for him because the Flint River, where he works, ranks second on the American Rivers Endangered Rivers list, a reason he says water management is such an important issue to the region.

      He says, "it belongs to all of us. it's the single largest asset that you'll ever own is your river and your creek and you're aquifer."

      Environmental Lobbyist Neil Herring says the goal is to restore and preserve the habitat, water quality and flow of the Flint and other rivers.

      Herring says, "these natural resources particularly the water systems are their private property, they have a property interest in the water."

      And outside of the Flint, officials say there are four other major rivers to keep an eye on, the Willacooche, Withlocooche, Alapha, and Little River systems.

      "Cause it's a rapidly moving political landscape. Operating wisely with this limited amount of water that you have," says Gordon.

      He says it's important for local citizens to take ownership of the political process of their watershed. To learn more, visit the Watershed Coalitions website at

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