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      The hotter the weather, the more bugs!

      If you hadn't noticed, it's a little bit hot outside these days and that of course means plenty more bugs will be making their way out in the coming months.

      Which in turn means more calls for local exterminators.

      Adam's Exterminators of course is among those you might call, and they say just in the past few weeks, calls for their services have tripled.

      They say the man problem people are facing are roaches, but the other is sugar ants, and the main reason for the spike is that humid hot weather.

      Service Manager Keith Sproul says, "once it gets hot like it's starting to get they want to be in the same temperature as we do, they want to get cooled off so they will try any means to get in. through door cracks, just anyway they can get in they're going to get in."

      Sproul adds a way to stop some of the bugs from entering your home is to move dead branches or logs away from the house, saying often times bugs will be burrowed inside them.

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