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      The healing power of a horse

      On Saturday, Inner City Slickers Leesburg had it's grand opening at a one-day camp at Serenity Stables.

      Local children who attended the camp were selected from the community and are considered at-risk youth.

      During this one day camp, kids got the chance to learn to rope, groom, feed, ride, and work together as a team.

      They also got the chance to ride a barrel-bull and engage in several trust building activities with other campers and volunteers.

      ICS is a program that gives at-risk youth an opportunity to have an Old West experience, learn about animals, and discover what it is like to work effectively with others.

      Officials say horses are good tools when teaching and educating kids.

      Lori McCalvin with Serenity Stables says, "they sense things that are going on with people they have kind of the same things that happen in their herds and so they kind of even pair up with the people the same way."

      The community, staff, and volunteers become living examples of a more principle-based way of living and this shifts the entire culture.

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