The green clean journey

Although green cleaning is taking center stage in several industries today, it has been a slow process to get there.

Mike Sawchuk, Vice President and General Manager of Envirosolutions says, "Green, going green cleaning, like sustainability is a journey, not a destination."

Traditional products hurt the environment long term. By using green products we will eventually reduce the damage to our environment for future generations. We must focus on cleaning first, then going green. Protection of health and hygiene should always be the top priority.

It helps to ensure the health and the safety of your family, your friends, the occupants of the building and the environment in general.

Today, many places have implemented a green cleaning program. Quality Paper and Envirosolutions have found that air quality has improved, they have improved employee productivity and satisfaction, and all while helping conserve natural resources.

The products, the people, and the resources will give you the confidence and knowledge and specialization you need. If products didn't work, or were not price competitive, would they remain a customer?