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      The Great Debaters at Darton State College

      A debate team is usually made up of students, but Wednesday at Darton State College, the teachers were the debaters.

      It's called the Life Raft Debate.

      Here's the scenario, a comet hits Earth and most people have been swept away by the rising waters, but only a few faculty members make it to the top of a tall building away from the massive flood.

      Then out a no where a life raft of survivors appears, but it only has room for one more person.

      Now teachers have to explain why they should be picked to be on the raft.

      Debate Club Advisor, Victoria Smith-Butler says, "they really need to understand the importance of the disciplines that they're pursuing that this isn't just about getting a job one day, that this is about more than that, it's about knowledge it's about the things that you're learning in that field that you can actually apply later on in life."

      The winner was an EMS instructor.

      Over 400 students participated in the debate.

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