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      The grass isn't always greener, but the fines are

      Have you ever had a neighbor that didn't keep up with their lawn and wondered if you could do something about it? Well, you can.

      In Lee County there's an ordinance that says the grass in your yard can't exceed 12 inches off the ground. Ben Roberts, the code enforcement officer, said they've seen an increase in this ordinance being broken this summer because of all the rain.

      Roberts said at first he'll give the homeowner a warning that says they have ten days to take care of the issue, after that they'll be fined. That fine could be up to $1,000.

      He also said the reason it's so important to take care of your lawn is first and foremost to keep the community looking clean. Besides that, the tall grass can attract mosquitos, mice, and snakes; none of those are something you want in your yard.

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