The gift of safety

One of the pistols that might end up being a present for Valentine's Day. / Rheya Spigner

Some residents are giving the gift of safety on Valentine's Day.

According to Jason Sheffield, owner of Dawson Road Jewelry and Pawn, men have come into his shop looking for small caliber hand guns as a present.

Sheffield adds the most popular are the 22 to nine millimeter guns, so that they can be carried in a hand bag.

Captain Tom Jackson of Dougherty County Police says this gift, like any other, needs to be thought out. He adds the buyer needs to make sure that their recipient knows how to shoot it, and be comfortable with using it if need be.

Jackson said, "the City of Albany and the Lee County Sheriff's Department offers free training where they'll actually take you out to let you fire a fire arm."

He adds it's not a bad idea, just make sure the person is ready to own a gun.

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