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      The effects of moving the Downtown Skate Park

      After covering numerous ADICA meetings, there's been rumblings that the Downtown Skate Park may be moved to another location, and a lot of people aren't happy with that possibility.

      In fact, a viewer reached out to FOX 31 News and told us, "everyone seems to be forgetting to ask the skaters on their opinions."

      He says the biggest concern is the majority of the people who use the Skate Park are young and can't afford to pay to skate if it's moved to that kind of location.

      FOX 31 News news caught up with some skaters at the park to get their thoughts on how they would feel if the park is moved.

      Haze Jenkins says, "it would tear me up, I would be so bored all day."

      Wade Stephens says, "there would be a lot more people not knowing what to do and probably getting in more trouble for skating just around the streets."

      Logan Galvin says, "not having a place free reign of the skater zone, I don't know what I'd do."

      There's no confirmation on when or if the park will be moved.

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