The Dougherty County BOE talks finances

The Dougherty County Board of Education's Personnel and Finance Committees review this year's proposals

/ Colby Gallagher

During this morning's meeting, the Dougherty County Board of Education's Personnel and Finance Committees went over some important steps they're planning to take, including keeping the millage rate the same to try and get back to the revenue they once took in.

"If you look at the millage rate or the tax revenue that we generate from property taxes for the county, it's still $3,000,000 less than it was in 2008," said Director of Finance Kenneth Dyer.

The extra revenue will come from any homes that increased their property value in the past year and state law requires that the board hold three public hearings scheduled for July to give residents a chance to speak their mind and understand the situation.

"We want to make sure the public understands what we're proposing, how that's going to impact them and their wallets as it comes to paying property taxes," said Dyer.

The board says it's important for residents to understand that their taxes will stay the same if their property value hasn't changed.

Just like residents want to save money, so does the school board who in the second half of the meeting proposed saving around $60,000 by rearranging the information technology department.

"They're requesting that certain positions come back under a different type of fold that will be cost neutral, meaning a cost-saving to the Dougherty County School System," said Dougherty County School Superintendent, Dr. Joshua Murfree.

This proposal will allow the department to begin the process of replenishing their staff - which decreased in the past year to reasons such as retirement - while opening up other possibilities.

"We might be able to get another position, another position say having somebody come in as a consultant, or a contractor for a period of time," said Dr. Murfree.

For now, the Board will move forward with trying to pass the proposals to ensure that these changes can be carried out.