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      The Domestic Violence numbers are in!

      The Albany Police Department says domestic violence cases in Albany are down.

      The Police Department saw a decrease of 237 cases this year.

      In May of last year they saw 840 domestic violence crimes and saw 603 by may of this year.

      Sikle Deeley with Liberty House saw different numbers.

      She says in May and June combined Liberty House saw 111 intakes, which is high in her opinion.

      But she says with the right help and correct definition of what domestic violence is, she feels the numbers will start to reflect APD's.

      "The more educated a community becomes, the more they realize that they're in a situation that we describe as domestic violence, because it's not always about bruises and black eyes," said Silke Deeley.

      If you feel as though you are suffering from domestic violence, you're encouraged to contact police or Liberty House.

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