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      The dog days aren't over

      Although we don't see triple digits in the 10-day forecast, Southwest Georgia isn't in the clear yet.

      In our Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know if we could expect any more 100 degree temperature days in Southwest Georgia.

      Fox 31 TMs very own Mike Morrison says although we don TMt see them in the near future, that doesn TMt mean we won TMt have any more triple-digit days this year.

      "I don't expect to see 100-degree days over the next ten days but there are many occurrences of records into triple-digits right through September. The Climate Prediction Center expects above average temperatures right through the next three months so yes, we could see possibly see more hundred-degree days, said Morrison.

      For now, try and take advantage of the cooler days by enjoying your outdoor activities before the records start setting.