The DAR President General pays Albany a visit

DAR President General, Merry Ann Wright, visits the local chapter Monday afternoon

The local chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution received a special treat Monday afternoon when the National Society DAR President General, Merry Ann Wright, visited them.

The DAR consists of three tiers: the national, state and local chapters that work together to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism.

Wright's job usually consists of visiting the state and overseas chapters, but the President General made an exception for her sister who serves in one of the local chapters.

Wright felt the impact of her visit, which Mayor Dorothy Hubbard showed up for, and had an important goal in mind.

"To meet the members, to have them have a better understanding of the national society, and feel connected to the national organization in Washington DC."

Wright says most of the work done within the organization comes from the local chapters, so it's important that they stay connected.