The coon hunt lives on

This past summer the United Kennel Club announced that after 25 years, they would not be holding there "Winter Fest" coon hunt in Albany. / Sean Streicher

This past summer, the United Kennel Club announced that after 25 years, they would not be holding their "Winter Fest" coon hunt in Albany.

The Exchange Club of Albany, who hosted the event, was not deterred, and decided to start a hunt of their own.

This year's hunt is made possible by the American Kennel Club (AKC); the man in charge of planning it is no stranger to organizing coon hunts.

"I started the winter classic 25 years ago, and now I'm with a different organization, with the American Kennel Club, and I'm proud to be here to see if we can start it over again," said Jimmy Phillips Executive Field Representative for AKC.

The event is being called the AKC Southern Heritage Hunt and Show, and features two hunts, a variety of vendors, a dog show, and even a Serama chicken show.

"We've got one lady that's coming in from Oregon to show her Malaysian Serama, These are a real small breed of chicken" said Joe Brown, the AKC Hunt and Show chairman.

All proceeds raised this weekend will benefit organization who fight against child abuse.

While this year may not be as big as years past, organizers tell me they're optimistic about the future.

"We hope that we can grow this event and we will grow it, the main thing we need is the participation of local people," said Phillips.

The "AKC Southern Heritage Hunt and Show" is free to the public, and Saturday's festivities kick off at 9am.

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