The city of Albany is profiting off new hotels

Albany is seeing a lot of new construction, one in particular is construction of a new Holiday Inn Express on Point North Blvd.

Officials say this new hotel is not only good for the city, but good for other hotels as well.

Each time a customer rents a room in a hotel, seven percent of their total bill is taken out because of what's called the Hotel/Motel tax.

A portion of that seven percent goes to the state of Georgia and the rest goes back to the city of Albany, and because of that all hotels in the city benefit.

Jenny Collins, with the Albany Visitors & Conventions Bureau says, "the more beds we have the more people are staying in town, the more taxes are coming in the more money we have to promote our Albany to more people."

Timothy Hardwick, General Manager of Baymont Inn & Suites says, "it gives us the opportunity to even have more walk ins because of the international and national brand recognition."

At this time there's no official word on when the Holiday Inn Express will be ready for you to check in.

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