The cigarette man strikes again

Bobby Ellerson / Colquitt County Sheriff's Office


The Moultrie Police Department made an arrest in connection to the string of burglaries.

They got an anonymous tip with the location of Luis Gonzalez and immediately followed the lead and arrested him. They also took into custody Bobby Ellerson and Diane Beverly who they believe to be his accomplices.

They are all charged with burglary.

Original Story:

The Liberty Rich Oil gas station in Moultrie has been struck not once, not twice, but three times in the past month by someone they're referring to as the 'cigarette man'.

The manager of the gas station says he's been breaking the windows, sliding in, and stealing cigarettes and other tobacco related products.

Investigators say they believe the same man, the one they're referring to as the cigarette man, has been responsible for two of the break-in's but they believe another suspect was responsible for one of them.

Cpl. Dave Underwood with the Moultrie Police Department says if a criminal is determined to break into a store they will find a way but he urges business owners to make sure they have surveillance camera's running at all times and a working alarm system.

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