The cars of yesterday, today

Once a year members of Artesian City car Club meet to show off and fellowship while showing off their vintage cars.

/ Franklin White

Once a year, members of Artesian City Car Club meet for fellowship and to show-off their vintage cars.

FOX 31 spoke with one elderly couple who own four 1963 Chevrolet Corvairs.

We asked the couple why they feel the need to travel across the country showing off their nice ride.

Lillian Law says, "I've got too many places to go and too many people to see."

James Law says, "you never have a concept of how long you're going to live, so you have to enjoy while you're here."

The couple have been traveling to car shows for over 30 years.

FOX 31 also talked to a guy at the meeting who build his car from scratch.

It took James Bach a full year to build his 1930's Ford Roadster. The car came in a set that had 26 boxes.

He says, "everything you put together yourself, the wiring, the fuel lines, the brake lines everything and to get to a driving stage is a lot of pride in that."

The price tag on a car kit like that would run you about $20,000.ã

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