The Blood Mobile makes a stop at WFXL

The Blood Mobile outside WFXL

If you passed by our station Wednesday, you may have spotted the big red bus. The American Red Cross and W-F-X-L have teamed up this week for a blood drive. This is our second year hosting the drive.

Red Cross' Susann McNair says giving blood is a great way to help the community. "It's absolutely free, it doesn't cost you any money at all, it's a great way to give back" says McNair. "And also because blood is a perishable product and also because if it's not there when someone needs it, there's no way to manufacture it. The only way to have blood is by volunteer donors giving it."

If you couldn't stop by the station but still want to participate in the drive, you can still donate at the Blood Bank on Dawson Road. The blood drive lasts through Saturday.