The $31.60 donation that has people talking

11-year-old Victoria Natoli raised $31.60 for the Cancer Coalition. / FOX 31

$31 dollars may not seem like a huge donation but it's the story behind it that's touching.

After watching three different member of her family battle breast cancer, 11-year-old Victoria Natoli decided she wanted to raise some money to fight the disease.

So with the help of a friend she went to her grandparents neighbors asking for donations.

In total they collected $31.60 and donated it to the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia.

"My Mimi, my grandma, and my mom all had breast cancer and I don't want any kids to have to go through what me and my brothers and sisters had to go through," said Victoria Natoli.

Vitoria told us raising the money made her feel good and she hopes to continue raising money for the Cancer Coalition.

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