Texting tips the next step for Albany Crime Stoppers

Albany Crime Stoppers discussed getting a text tip line during their January meeting

Albany Crime Stoppers held their first meeting of the New Year on Tuesday, and they are looking to take their technology to a new level.

The organization currently uses a 24-7 call service that sends tips they receive directly to phones via texts and emails in real-time. They are now looking to invest in a $1,600 program called Tipsoft to make their crime tip line more technology friendly.

"This is an add-on feature. Tipsoft can allow this person to even text a tip. it can help us with some housekeeping, with data and things like that, record keeping with crime stoppers," says Jason Thornhill with Albany Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers will be hearing a presentation from Tipsoft at their March meeting.

The group hope to have more citizens attend their monthly meetings and be able to hear such presentations.

"Whether it's your 311, whether its some law enforcement agency that has some new tool they'd like to demonstrate, we can see it, we can talk about it and then also people in the community that join our meetings every month can talk about it," says Thornhill.

Albany Crime Stoppers meets the third Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. in the Community Room of the Law Enforcement Center on Oglethorpe Boulevard.