Terrell County students learn sex ed. in a unique way

Terrell County students held a mock town hall meeting. / Sean Streicher

Ask and you shall receive; last year students at Terrell County High School approached their principle about bringing an abstinence program to the school, with the help of "Quest for Change" their wish was granted.

"It's been a great success; hopefully it will be able to decrease some of the numbers of teenage pregnancies and teenage STDs," said Eric Mitchell, Project Director for Quest for Change.

In her second year with the program, Abstinence Facilitator Martha Jones decided to do things a little different, and divided the students into seven fake cities each with a 40% STD rate. Students then had to come up with a plan to help reduce that rate.

Monday morning, students held a town hall type meeting today to share their plans. which freshman De'Ardria Franklin says was a great way to get everyone involved, "it taught us a lot and it showed that we as a whole understand what we are talking about and we did listen in the classes."

The concept allowed students to work through the problems with people their own age which may be the key to its success.

"I was kinda iffy about this program at the beginning but now that I see that my classmates are down for the program I like the program," explains Kyra Harrell.

Mitchell said this is the first time program taught this way, and that he liked it so much he is going to try it at other locations,