Terrell County Sheriff's Dept. accused of harassment

Terrell County Sheriff's Department / Jessica Fairley

A business owner in Sasser, Georgia has accused the Terrell County Sheriff's Department of harassment after she said they ambushed the crowd during a Craig Morgan holiday concert.

The owner of the Sasser Flea Market said the events that happened over the 4th of July weekend were enough for her to finally speak up.

It's three concerts and counting for 2011 and Dee West said for each one, authorities were there with a roadblock. She believes they're targeting her customers and she's fed up.

"They had numerous roadblocks and I understand from several people that been through the roadblocks, the first question they asked them is have they been to the concerts," said Sasser Flea Market Owner Dee West.

She said when people stated they'd been to the event, they were then harassed along with everyone else in the car. West claims a family friend was asked to take a sobriety test three times during one of the stops.

"A female deputy saw him. She hollered to the state patrol and said come here. I've got you one I know he's been drinking," said West.

West said the male passed the tests each time. She said by the time many made it to the concert, it was rained out. So they took shelter inside where they thought their troubles were over.

Ms. West said concert goers were jammed under the flea market's sheds when deputies stormed in and started checking I.D.s.

"A lot of my customers thought that was uncalled for. It's almost to the point of harassment," said West.

Jody Cladd attended the concert. He said he understands why she feels this way.

"They target Ms. West like she's killed somebody. Ms. West didn't have any alcohol here," said concert witness Jody Cladd.

FOX 31 reached out to Terrell County Sheriff's who at first stated that they had no knowledge of the roadblocks. They then said they have a right to hold a roadblock whenever they want to. They made no comment about checking I.D.s inside the concert.

Nancy Ruth Fryer, probate judge for Terrell County, said that as of Tuesday they had no D.U.I.s reported for Sunday.

Dee West said she doesn't know why she's become a target. She said she just wants to make sense of this situation.

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