Terrell County Humane Society hopes to find owners for pets

The Humane Society of Terrell County was out on Ledo Road trying to help their furry friends find good homes.

They're seeing more pets coming through their doors that need families.

The HSTCO says this is due to many things, including the economy.

People are having to turn their animals in, they can't take care of them. We are a no-kill organization, we are all volunteers. We do not have any funding, we don't have a shelter, says Bethann Culpepper, a volunteer.

Most of the pets are fostered by the volunteers.

Before adoption, they are spayed, neutered and free of heartworms.

The HSTCO is at the Tractor Supply on Lefo Road the last Saturday of each month from 10-2 p.m.

If you would like to donate, 229-995-7845 or go to