Terrell County evaluates pit bull policy

Terrell County Commissioners discuss the pit bull attacks that left several sheep dead. / Ashley Knight

A woman in Terrell County has demanded the county commission do something about pit bulls in the area.

Lawana Friddell says two pit bulls viciously attacked 28 of her sheep.

She requested the commission either ban the dogs or lay down harsher regulations.

The commission supported banning pit bulls and asked the county attorney to look into similar ordinances in other cities.

"We're gonna look at other jurisdictions, ordinances, find out which ones have been challenged in court, upheld in court and borrow those types of ordinances," says county attorney Ed Collier.

He will bring his findings to the next meeting on the first Wednesday of February and the commission will take action then.

Friddell also has the support of the city of Dawson.

Their city manager, Barney Parnacott says the city commission will meet January 12 and discuss harsher guidelines, such as keeping the dogs inside an enclosure, keeping them leashed anytime they are out of the enclosure as well as keeping them muzzled while on a leash.

Friddell says she's saddened by the loss of her sheep, but she is more concerned about the welfare of others in the area.

"This could have happened to a person, this could have happened to a child on a playground, I have an 88-year-old mother who lives with me."

Similar laws have been passed in Atlanta.

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