Terrell Co. NAACP: Drowning could have been avoided

Last week 9-year-old Jakob Peters drowned in a pond in Terrell County

Last week 9-year-old Jakob Peters drowned in a pond in Terrell County. Now community leaders are calling for action to make sure other kids in the area are safe.
If you live in Terrell County and you want to go swimming, you'd have to travel more than 20 miles to get to a community pool.

Officials say if children had more access to swimming pools Jakob Peters might still be alive.

For the Peters are still coming to terms with the shocking death of their son.

"It's definitely been a lot of pain but a lot of support. The community has really come together to help support and help us bury our son," said Jacob Peters, Jakobs father.

As his family gets ready to bury him they're left clinging to the memory of the boy they say loved life.

"He was very smart, very energetic and very loving. He loved his parents and his family and had a lot of teachers and friends and everybody just loved him. He was just an angel on earth," said Jacob Peters.

Community leaders in Dawson want Jakob's death to bring some good, a public pool in Terrell County.

"These children are not fortunate enough to have a pool in the back yard or be able to go up to the country club or to be able to go up to Albany State. They can't get out of Terrell County," said Ezekiel Holley, President of the Terrell County NAACP.

"Kids seek water all the time they just like to find somewhere that they can go keep cool and have fun," said Jacob Peters.

Now they're asking for community support to talk to elected officials to get a pool built.

"If you want a pool, you go out and tell the county commissioners you need a pool and if they don't act right i guess we'll have to vote them out," said Holley.

"God works in mysterious ways and he has wonders to perform, so this could be one of those wonders that he performed to get this done," said Terrell County Commissioner Lucius Holloway.

The Peters family says helping keep other kids safe would be a fitting tribute for their son.

Patti peters: "It could help give swimming lessons or whatever that could help. He would be proud... He would definitely be proud," said Jakob's mother Patti Peters.

Jakob Peters will be laid to rest tomorrow afternoon at a church in Dawson.