Terminal finishing touches delayed

The Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission holds a discussion Monday regarding a Tampa based contracting company. / Matt Prichard

The Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission met this evening to discuss several items that still need to be finished on the brand new terminal. However the contracting company has been tough to track down for those final pieces to be put on.

Walbridge Contractors out of Tampa, FL apparently left several pieces undone to the new terminal, and because of that they haven't been paid in full by the City of Albany.

Airport Director, Yvette Aehle says they're working hard to set up a date for the work to be completed, however they're ready to deal with a, "worst case scenario."

"We're having a teleconference this coming Monday to talk with the general contractor on when they can have all the items fixed. And then we'll hold them to that date, and after that date, then we can seek out other alternatives," said Airport Director, Yvette Aehle.

Aehle says if the company does not finish the work, they'll use the remaining funds owed to Walbridge to put the finishing touches on.