Tele-health keeping kids in school

Students learn about the tele-health program. / Courtesy Kristy Waters

Tifton health care providers are taking the doctor to the classroom in an effort to keep kids in school.

It's the second year for a school based Tele-Medicine Clinic at Turner Elementary School.

If students get sick, they can have a meeting with an actual doctor over the internet.

Since the program is working so well, Tift Regional Medical Center officials are expanding it into the Turner County High School.

"It's connecting a child in school that historically would go home. A child comes to the nurse with a sore throat historically the child gets to go home and we know that normally a child who gets out on Wednesday, there's a good chance that the school will not see them again until Monday," said Jeff Robbins, TRMC Director of the Tele-Medicine Program.

Robbins says the Tele-Medicine Clinic does not eliminate the importance of the school nurse.

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