Teens tour Albany for good cause

Mission team from Ocala, Florida

Often times we only hear about the negative decisions that teens make over their summer vacation but there is a group of teens from Ocala, Florida who are making a difference.

The teens are in Albany working under the non-profit organization Mission Change. They started off the week doing volunteer work for the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Place of Hope.

On Tuesday, they ended up at the Albany Rescue Mission at 604 Monroe Street. They said while in Albany, they plan to bring people together.

"We just hope to burst this bubble and say that we are all people. We're all created by God and we all deserve the same love and compassion," said Youth Pastor Ryan Davis.

While at the Albany Rescue Mission, the group fed the homeless. By doing this, they freed up the hands of one of the mission's volunteers who normally does the job. He said he's grateful for the help.

"That's what's needed," said volunteer Monroe Davis, "You know more people ought to care more and try to do more."

Ladonna Urick is the executive director of Mission Change. She said these young people could have so many different things going on and yet they choose to come to Albany to give back. She says a little effort goes a long way.

"Sometimes it only takes a smile, sometimes it only takes a hug or a pat on the back to make somebody feel like they are somebody," said Mission Change Executive Director Ladonna Urick.

Urick met the mission team while working on service projects in the Bahamas. Since the group made it to the Albany area, she's had them packed with volunteer work. The teens said they don't mind. They said they are looking forward to working with underprivileged youths.

"People tell them that they have no future and we're here to give them a little bit of hope," said Ryan Davis.

Davis said he's hoping this venture is a learning process for everyone around him. He said he plans to take what he learns here in Albany and use it to change the city of Ocala, Florida.

The Albany Rescue Mission said they are in need of paper cups and paper plates. If you are able to donate these items, they can be dropped off at 604 Monroe Street in downtown Albany.