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      Teens learn that life isn TMt a game

      Volunteer explains pregnancy hazards to teens going through the life maze.

      Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital's Network of Trust has joined with the Taking Time for Teens coalition to give the youth insight into how their decisions could change their lives.

      Tuesday over 500 seventh and eighth grade students turned out to the Get a Life teen maze held in Albany State University TMs Hyper gym.

      While going through the interactive maze, students were able to make life choices and face the positive and negative consequences of those decisions.

      For students who make good decisions we have graduation. We have a career center so they can graduate and find out what jobs are available for them. As far as bad decisions, we have the ultimate bad decision. We have a casket here, says Eddie McBride, Project Coordinator for the Network of Trust School Health Program.

      The teen maze will go on through Wednesday.