Teen Maze teaches students life lessons

The Teen Maze is a game where students have to make life decisions and deal with the consequences

Teenagers are faced with constant peer pressure and it can be difficult to make the right choice.

The Network of Trust and the Taking Time For Kids Coalition organized a teen maze for students that would show them what it's like to make these important life lessons. 7th grader Cally Hurst went through the maze and ended up with a sexually transmitted disease and landed in jail. She later got out and became an orthodontist. Even though her maze experience had a happy ending, she warns that life isn't always full of second chances.

"I hope they learn from it because the symptoms and stuff, like, they can really happen, it's not fake," said Hurst after getting out of "jail".

One booth actually had a coffin where students had to write a goodbye letter to their parents if they had died from their consequences.