Teen dating violence on an upward trend

Teen violence issues grow in southwest Georgia. / Jessica Fairley

Juvenile justice workers say teen dating violence is a growing concern in our area.

Wednesday there was a meeting of the minds to try and prevent the problem.

"One in three women have reported that young women, teens as young as 12, say they've been in a relationship where they have been injured or hurt in some way," said Silke Deely, Liberty House Executive Director.

Officials said the worst part is that many teens may not even know the abuse is happening. That's where training comes into play.

A group of educators and juvenile justice workers brushed up on their knowledge in hopes of preventing the problem.

"If it doesn't happen that way and we do have some incidents of teen dating violence, we want the adults who work with them to know how to manage that situation,"
said Debra Willingham, Southwest District Public Health Youth Development Coordinator.

Those who taught the course say it's not enough to educate the girls but teen boys also have to know where the lines of respect are drawn.

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