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      Teen competes for scholarship by collecting blood

      Albany High School senior Abigail Shepherd is competing in the American Red Cross's state-wide Bloodstock Scholarship contest by hosting a blood drive at the Albany Mall Friday afternoon.The drive is Shepherd's third event competing for up to $2,000 towards her college tuition. Hosts of the event are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship if they get 35 donors during their drive and $2,000 if they collect 50 donations.Everyone who hits the threshold is then put into a random drawing for the money, and Shepherd says she's already received $1,000 for a previous drive.Shepherd says she chose the organization because there's a constant need for blood no matter where you are and donating is an easy way to give back to someone in need.To participate, visit the Albany Mall's Sears entrance where Shepherd will be collecting donations until 7 p.m.

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