Teachers trained for first response duty

Col. Chris Owens speaks to the Lee County School Board about school safety. / Jessica Fairley

After touring the new Lee County Elementary School that's set to open in August, the Lee County Board of Education met to make sure students will be safe in their classrooms.

"With the tragedies that has recently occurred in our country, we want to do anything that we can here in Lee County to be prepared and to train in the event that we would have such a situation to develop here," said Lawrence T. Walters, Lee County School System Superintendent.

Although Lee County schools have a safety plan in place, in the upcoming weeks, Lee County Sheriff's officials will enter schools to train staff in case of emergency.

"They are the first responders. They are the ones that's going to be on the ground first and can tell us what's right, what's not right, and what's happening," said Col. Chris Owens, "So we need to let them know what we're going to do when we show up and how they can better help us and how they can better protect their students."

School board officials say it's good to stay prepared, but hopefully teachers will never have to use the training.

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