Teacher retires in wake of CRCT cheating investigation

Attorney Tommy Coleman says the CRCT tribunals will be a long process / Sarah Bleau

The Dougherty County School Board accepted the retirement of a teacher involved in the CRCT cheating investigation.

Dougherty County School System Attorney Tommy Coleman brought the retirement letter of Turner Elementary School Teacher Diana Onyenwoke to the attention of the board on Wednesday, requesting that they make a motion on it then. The board voted to accept her retirement. Onyenwoke's last day will be May 18.

Coleman says when teachers involved in the investigation retire or quit it means less cases for them to handle.

He says currently, the Dougherty County District Attorney is reviewing the evidence and will later decide which cases to prosecute.

"It's not an immediate event that we get the evidence and the next week there's a hearing. it takes a good deal of preparation because really it's a trial," says Coleman.

The Board of Education also approved making five assistant principals interim principals as a result of the CRCT scandal. These interim principals are at Albany High School, West Town Elementary School, Jackson Heights Elementary, Dougherty High School and Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School.

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